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December 27, 2020



Been a few days since I've been on this site, even though I just posted last night. Just noticed your comment.
I agree with your observation. Good lawyers will often be able to win over judges whose ideologies might be on the opposite end of the spectrum. So the GOP cannot rest easy, figuring the Trump-appointed judges are a secure backstop.
We're definitely headed for stormy waters these next few weeks & months. Batten down the hatches.


It's worth noting that the Democrat lawyers cracked the code to the Trump-appointed judges early on. While there is no doubt that judges write their opinions based on their ideologies, they're still jurists and interpret the Constitution and case law through the lense of that ideology. If a Democrat lawyer wanted to get a judge to rule in their favour, and against the Trump Administration, it was easy enough to construct originalist and textualist arguments for their positions. These judges aren't going to suddenly turn their obstructionism on a Biden Administration because that's how they roll, they're going to do it based on the cases and arguments upon which they're called to rule.

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