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July 26, 2020



You and me, Mr McBride. We obviously disagree. I come here precisely because we disagree, and it saves wading through the NRO or Breitbart to gauge the state of conservative thought and opinion. I think there must be some way of bridging this weird gap between ordinary, reasonable people and [insert liberals or conservatives as appropriate]. It fascinates me that you have these opinions.

K.N. Mcbride

Who is this "us" you refer to?

You're a Dem sock puppet.

I read every argument you've made a week ago on twitter.

Do they pay you by the word, or the blogs you spam?


If only there was some sort of method for figuring out why other people, people who disagree with us mind you, are so stupid. Once we figure out why they're so stupid we can figure out how to explain to those stupid bastards, and they can see the error of their dumb-shit ways.

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