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May 17, 2020


K.N. McBride

You are such a useless tool.

It's funny how quickly you go from: "Nothing to see here" to "everyone does it."

Except everyone doesn't do it. If the Bush White House had tapped the Obama campaign's phones, all hell would have broken loose.

But keep on blessing us with your regurgitated 90s talking points.


There aren't going to be any indictments for the simple reason that there were no crimes, and just the business-as-usual politics that whoever is in the White House will carry out. This is no more believable than the 'crimes' that President Trump was impeached for, and if you think any of the parties involved are supposed to be non-partisan I've got a bridge in New York for sale. The point is as it always is, to engage in tit-for-tat partisan politics, providing red meat for the various bases, and 'motivation' to get out the vote on election day.

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