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May 30, 2020



The joke is that people are treating it like an organization when there is no 'Antifa' as an organized entity. Even moreso Minnesota when that label is being applied to opportunistic looters who know they'll be able to act with impunity because the lie that they're Antifa gives them cover.

And a 'your mother' joke? You're better than that.

K.N. McBride

There's also chatter about your mother, which is probably more reliable than the crap you drop here.

If Antifa is a joke, why did Minnesota's AG tweet his support for it?


There's also chatter about infiltration by police-affilated agent-provocateurs, and right-wing agitators determined to kick off a civil war. Antifa is a joke, a boogeyman like the New World Order, Globalists, or Lizard People that have been latched onto as an enemy that right-thinking folks can oppose.

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