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October 16, 2019



What can I say, this blog is a very good bellweather for conservative thought, and T-Mo is what I would genuinely called a 'conservative intellectual.' Kind of like the kind of people that used to run the Republican party before bigamists like Newt Gingrich and child molesters like Dennis Hastert began taking over back in the '90s.

K.N. McBride

And yet here you are, gracing us with your precious time and energy.

Traveller Concern

My suggestion is to ditch that McBride dude as he's the lesser of the two authors on this site.

K.N. McBride

I'm trying to figure how we can get a higher caliber of concern trolls.

Any suggestions?


I'm trying to figure out which one is the white noise to distract yourself from what President Trump is doing, and which one is a panicked distraction. Usually if you post about guns I know I should go read the news, but damn if I didn't read the news first and then come here expecting to see some sort of gun review. To read an article on your shaken faith in your chosen team is quite heartening. Bless you.

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