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October 04, 2018



Your point is well taken. I could be wrong. (It wouldn't be the first time!)
But even if what Graham has done was simply a means to an end, at least he did some good.


I think you should look at a bigger picture regarding Graham. Grassley's seat is up for bids soon. Who wants it? Graham. Best way to insure he gets it? By causing a holy ruckus on record, on video, at the perfect moment, against the Democrats. I don't believe Graham one minute that his outburst was "genuine". Watch the video again, look for the tells, is he reading portions of a script? Does he look like he memorized it beforehand? Yes and yes. He looks like a rooster posturing for the hens. Nah, I'll believe Graham is a good guy when he proves it by his voting record on core matters: immigration, bloated budget, etc.

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