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July 16, 2018



As I've said in the past, it makes no sense for Putin and Russia to have preferred Trump over Clinton. She kissed their butt; he's been tough on Russia, e.g., providing lethal weapons to Ukraine; imposing severe economic sanctions; and kicking diplomats out of the U.S.
While it is almost a certainty Russia did meddle in our 2016 election, I highly doubt it affected the outcome. That's just a Democrat pipe dream, and a sad excuse for the defeat suffered by perhaps the worst, most inept presidential candidate in American history.

K.N. McBride

Left unsaid is what exactly RUSSIA gets out of all this.

If Putin's goal was to get US unemployment to record lows and achieve 4%+ GDP growth while turning the US into the world's leading energy exporter, his plan is going great.

If it's not, he's a pretty lousy puppet master.


You need to keep to non-partisan sites like Fox News and other reputable agencies. All stuff like Chicken Noodle News will do is rot your brain!

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