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June 27, 2018



Okay, it's making more sense now. I'd glanced at the lawsuit where the DOJ declined to defend provisions in the ACA as constitutional and didn't really make the connection to the GOP finishing it off.

K.N. McBride

Obamacare was attacked on two fronts.

After the GOP Establishment did a face-plant (with an assist from McCain), the Trump tax bill included an amendment eliminating the penalty for failing to buy insurance. This wiped out the "tax" that gave it the fig-leaf of Constitutionality and also its enforcement mechanism.

The second front is administrative. Just as Obama regularly overstepped his powers (waiving laws and regulations), Trump is now enforcing them and/or changing them.

As a result, Obamacare is effectively gone.

I'm surprised you missed this as a major part of the heartache over dumping the Iran deal was that it was the last remaining piece of Obama's legacy.


I don't recall the ACA repeal ever going through. How did the GOP finish it off?

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