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March 29, 2018



Spot on, K.N.!
Here's a different perspective: Maybe being boycotted and denounced by the leftist media and academia is actually a winning strategy.
Take Chick Fil-a, for example. Remember how, a few years ago, leftists from coast to coast raged about boycotting the popular fast food restaurant because its founder stated he opposed gay marriage?
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee organized "Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day," and many of the restaurant locations had lines winding outside the door and spilling out into the streets. In the long run, the restaurant's popularity and sales did not suffer.
You are correct that Delta probably alienated a lot more customers and potential customers than they gained by caving in to the leftist brownshirts. Had they done as you suggested and stated they don't take sides, the company would have fared much better.
In a sense, having the rabid left threatenng they will boycott your business is kind of like how the Republicans don't want the bitter and delusional HildaBeast to go away. The more she goes out and whines, pointing the finger at deplorables and mouth-breathing Neanderthals in flyover country, the better the GOP's prospects come November.

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