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March 04, 2018


K.N. McBride

I think there's a lesson to be learned from the abortion zealots.

Here we have a right that is not in the Constitution and entirely a judicial creation that is so zealously enforced that despite its massive unpopularity, no one can touch.

Imagine if the Second Amendment was treated the same way:

-Minor children are allowed to possess firearms
-They may possess them without parental consent or knowledge
-If they cannot afford a firearm, one will be purchased for them at taxpayer expense

Of course, one might argue that giving firearms to minor children posses a significant danger of violence, but there is a chance that those guns won't be used to kill anyone.

Unlike abortion, which by definition always takes a human life.

These are indeed the crazy years.


So what you're saying is that gun control is okay when Trump does it, because in a hypothetical Clinton presidency 1st amendment rights would have been attacked?

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