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March 27, 2018


K.N. McBride

It might benefit you to READ THE POST before making an ass of yourself in the comments, but why start now, eh?


It might benefit you to learn about transgenderism before offering an opinion. For example, plenty of trans-men and trans-women opt out of top and bottom surgery, particularly trans-men opting out of bottom surgery as a vastly expensive and inadequate procedure. Not everyone uses hormones, as well.

There's also the interesting issue of the intersection of transgender and intersexed individuals. Take Jaime Lee Curtis, for example. She's a XY with an androgen insensitivity, so you could pump her full of testosterone and it wouldn't make much difference. Insofar as I'm aware she's embraced a female gender identity as a public figure. Other individuals, one of my acqauintence who served as a corpsman, were not so lucky and found their gender identity validated when a genetic test was done; possessing ambiguous genitalia they're often 'assigned' to a particular mode of life at odds with who they are.

As for fairness, if they can do the job and pass the training, why not let them serve? Why disqualify them for something incidental to their performance?

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