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March 08, 2018


K.N. McBride

If you actually read the post before commenting on it, the quality of your posts would improve considerably.

But to answer your question: The left's enemies are whoever stands in their way at a given moment. Their allies are whoever is convenient at a given moment.

That is why RUSSIA is super-scary now, when it has an economy smaller than the Netherlands but it was a big harmless teddy bear when its armies dominated Eastern Europe.

Violence against women is a horrible crime that demands immediate punishment unless it is perpetrated by Muslims or Bill Clinton.

Since both Muslims and Bill Clinton are useful to the left, they get a pass.

Anti-Semitism is a disgusting and vile belief that must be roundly condemned unless a leftist is doing it, in which case it isn't important.

Hopefully I won't have to explain this to you again, as it gets tedious.


So who are the perceived enemies of Leftists? Why are they perceived as enemies?

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