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January 15, 2018


K.N. McBride

I take it you continue to ignore my central point, which was not only the subject of this post but which I elaborated on three times now: Dr. King's life-goal was to reconcile black and white, working to achieve a colorblind society without division.

A key element of that was forgiveness.

That goal has been conspicuously abandoned and you refuse to even address it.

I guess we're done here.


I take it you didn't actually read Mr. Coates article?

K.N. McBride

See, I knew you'd figure it out.

Is he an integrationist?

Does he advocate racial reconciliation and forgiving those who may have wronged him?

That was Dr. King's message - one rooted in the Christian notion of forgiving one's enemies.

Nope. He wants reparations. The things conquerors levy on their defeated enemies.

No letting bygones be bygones for him - he wants your cash, even if you never did a racist thing in your life, even if you weren't even in this country.

If that's not a radical departure from Dr. King's dream, I don't know what is.

Oh, and it's a great way to foster further racial division.


You mean "Ta-Nehisi Coates"? He's great, but if you're thinking he's a radical or a Black Nationalist you may want to revisit some of his work. Seriously, screwing up his name like that? You're better than that.

K.N. McBride

Nurg, I think you leveled up again on knocking down straw men.

Re-read the post and then look up "Tennessee Coats" and maybe we can talk.

Or go back to your "whatabout" talking points, whichever floats your boat.


I think you need citations and names of these Black thinkers you seem to think are radical Black Nationalists.

Also, do you recall anything MLK said about the content of one's character? I should hope you wouldn't reduce someone to the colour of their skin when you can engage with the content of their character, regarding the comment about embracing "radical views" and thereby "reduce herself to just another angry black person."

Which radical views are these? That maybe police should stop killing Black people in absurdly greater numbers than everyone else? That police should consider harassing Black people only as much as they harass White people? I'd imagine that if you lived under such conditions you'd be pretty unhappy with the way you could expect the police to treat you. That's not radical.

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