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November 14, 2017


K.N. McBride

Actually Nurg, it's absurdly high.

It it likely that over the course of 44 years a cumulative total of 50 million cases of abuse have been reported, but this is because people trapped in the underclass are often repeatedly caught in abusive situations.

However, 50 million people would be roughly 1/3 of all American women suffering criminal-level abuse. Not even the crazy redefinition of sexual assault on campuses goes that high.

So you're mixing apples and oranges in terms of your counting when you deal with incidents of abuse.

Abortions are by definition a singular event for the person killed by it. You can't be aborted over and over again.

So the "solution" to abuse actually killed 50 million people. Basically you are arguing that an episode of abuse is a fate worse than death.

I think most reasonable people would disagree.

Finally, I will again point out that abortion apologists used to argue that thanks to their grisly procedure, only "wanted" children will be born. That's pretty obviously bullshit. The ability to kill the unborn on a whim hasn't done a damn thing to stop child abuse, it simply leave less children (particularly black ones) alive to abuse.


If we include grown women in that number 50 million sounds rather low for the abuse of women.


A couple of clarifications, Nurg... It was actually the Washington Post, not the NY Times, that published the story of the alleged victims' accounts of Moore's transgressions. And I did write, "In this case, the accusers are not anonymous..."
As far as the possible repercussions, I was referring to the four or five accusers who tend to be liberal and supporters of Democrats. But getting threats and blow-back from Moore supporters could happen to any of the accusers, including Beverly Nelson, a Trump supporter who held a press conference with feminist lawyer Gloria Allred.
Finally, on the abortion issue, you are not wrong with your concerns about child abuse and sexual predators impregnating girls for their own pleasure, the consequences be damned. But let's put it this way: If there were some way to completely end abortion now, and there would never be another abortion as long as humans occupy the earth, there would STILL be child abuse, and men preying upon girls would NOT CEASE.
Both transgressions are simply evidence of humans' flawed ("fallen," in theological terms) nature.
Just because several evil actions would still occur by eliminating another evil action doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to halt that one atrocity. I happen to believe that abortion -- especially partial birth abortion -- is heinous. The tally, if you were to count how many human lives were eradicated in the womb, vs. how many human lives were vitiated by child abuse or criminal sexual conduct, is pretty one-sided. I don't think that, since Roe V. Wade in 1973, 50 million children have been abused, or 50 million girls have been victims of statutory rape.


A pretty fair summation. I'm a little curious how you square the Times using anonymous sources with the notion that Moore's accuser is probably facing quite a bit of harassment over her accusation of Moore. Quite aside from accusations of libel/slander, accusers in sexual assault/rape cases typically face an avalanche of abuse for some weird reason, and likewise anonymity protects the public's right to know from the stifling of those in power who benefit from nasty little secrets being kept that way.

And yes, I'm entirely in favour of Bill Clinton being hung out to dry, along with the rest of the bastards. It's this "Our guy, right or wrong" that's killing the West. I suspect it's from skewed notions of what constitutes the lesser evil.

Take Doug Jones. Apparently you pro-life types consider him to be in favour of infanticide. Which might explain why some people have been quoted as preferring Roy Moore, because at least child abuse is supposedly better than infanticide. Which is interesting because abortion services exist, in part, to 'solve' pregnancies that are the result of child abuse.

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