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October 31, 2017


K.N. McBride

I'm afraid you have it backwards.

Democrats only care about black people when they need their votes.

Their "solution" to the problems in the community is to eradicate it altogether.

Sort of a "final solution," to coin a phrase.

Explain to me how the KKK or Nazis would have any objection to Planned Parenthood's tweet, and then get back to me on how I'm the one who's callous.


It's less a 'withering rebuttal' than a comment that you care only about the black community where it's political convenient to you to score rhetorical points. You don't care about the problems those abortions address, and offer no alternative or aid.

K.N McBride

I'm trying to understand the logic of what you no doubt consider a withering rebuttal.

Are you saying that being opposed to the wholesale slaughter of unborn black children has an entry fee? Say, if enough people meet your demands will the abortionists give up their grisly trade?

Perhaps you're suggesting that if I personally am not willing to adopt a child, it's better off dead. By the way, is there a quota? Does a single adoption qualify you to have an opinion on race-based extermination, or is it like dues that have to be renewed annually?

If you adopt a bunch at once, do you get a lifetime membership?

Also, does this apply to other things? Are people who believe violence isn't the answer barred from calling the police?

How many immigrants do the open borders people have to take into their homes in order to support *their* position?

And by contrast, do people who want the border closed have license to deport illegal immigrants on their own?

The "personal is political" has always been a stupid argument, but I thank you for taking it to an even more idiotic level.


Are you planning on going out and adopting unwanted black children? Fostering? Volunteering in black communities?

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