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September 24, 2017


K.N. McBride

They aren't kneeling, they are refusing to stand for the national anthem. In cases where a bench is present, they remain seated while it is playing.

What looks like kneeling is actually "taking a knee," something players do to rest because sitting their butts on the grass is awkward and uncomfortable in all their pads.

Their position (such as it is) is that unless their ephemeral and vague demands are met, they will continue to disrespect the flag of their country.

It is a protest on the level of a child pouring out his milk until you buy him a purple pony.

If eliminating crime and police misconduct were a simple proposition, we would have done it by now, so their "protest" is nothing more than an insult.

Hope that clears it up for you.


I'm glad you enjoy it? From an outsider's perspective kneeling in protest is one of the most bizarre forms of protest I've seen. Usually kneeling is a sign of respect and humility. It's something Catholics do at Mass, for example. What's disrespectful about kneeling?

K.N. McBride

You are a laugh riot.


What's disrespectful about kneeling?

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