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April 22, 2017


K.N. McBride

One of the dark secrets of the Democrat party machine is how much of it is funded by taxpayers.

For example, a great many of those supposedly virtuous non-profits exist entirely because of tax deductible donations and grants handed out for "community outreach," "raising awareness," and so on.

Colleges are equally culpable, and it's fascinating how it came to pass that a single letter from a single bureaucrat (the infamous "dear colleague" letter of 2011) created a system of kangaroo courts to punish college men yet nothing can be done to stop egregious First Amendment violations.

Trump doesn't actually need to drain the swamp - if he simply blocks new water from entering, the swamp will drain itself.


Well, technically you are right, following the letter of the law. But the spirit of the law is broader. My thinking is, if the federal government is funding organizations, including universities, that suppress free speech, then Uncle Sam is indirectly suppressing speech.


Isn't the 1st amendment the right to freedom from gov't suppression of speech?

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