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February 09, 2017



Bravo from your long-time co-blogger! I have long despised Bill Kristol. He exudes the same smug, arrogant and condescending attitude as many of the execrable leftists I have railed against for years. He can take his place amongst detestable characters such as Harry Reid, Michael Moore, Dick Durbin, Alan Grayson, Ted Kennedy (I WON'T abide by the rule not to speak ill of the deceased!), and thousands of other ugly, pathetic left-wing monsters. Oh, and let's not forget the despicable Kevin Williamson, who se National Review column dumped on the white working class of Appalachia, insulting them as a bunch of loser meth-heads. Don't think a French revolution couldn't happen in this country. In some respects, it already has, sans the guillotines. But make no mistake, the anger and utter contempt for the elitists has not subsided!

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