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May 29, 2016


Jimmie From Kissimmee

What's not being discussed enough by either side is the timing of our demise. The biggest mistake both sides make is to frame any discussion in terms of the future not the present. The Left does it to gloss over their horrendous agenda and buy time to save their political asses. The Right does it, I think, because they are severely uninformed and cut from the same cloth of unabashed dishonesty.
Despite their motivation, we must admit that all the problems have overwhelmed us right now, today, not on some indeterminate future date,and will continue to consume us all until we put a stop to it. If a fire starts in your house would you wait to call 911 - because the house isn't fully engulfed yet? Of course not, but Bill Kristol and Karl Rove will glad hand the uninformed right in to the flames just as well as the greatest deceivers of the Left.

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