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June 26, 2014



I also read "Three and Out" and agree with my co-blogger that it is a compelling book with fascinating insights and inside information on Michigan's nearly cult-like football program. It is surprising to me that Coach Rich Rodriguez and the rest of the university brass allowed John Bacon so much access to coaches, trainers, practices,locker room antics, etc. You'd think a program like Michigan's that strives to maintain the "Leaders and Best" mythology would not want to risk airing its dirty laundry. K.N. is spot on about Floyd Carr: The guy was bitter about how he was treated after winning U-M's first national championship in half a century, so he let his vindictiveness take over. Carr always struck me as an arrogant, thin-skinned jerk, so it's difficult for me to feel any sympathy for him. My biggest impression: I now have a lot more respect for RichRod than I ever did, and know he got a raw deal in so many ways. The deck was stacked against him from the start, and it never helps to have key insiders and associates (e.g., "Blueblood" alumni) stabbing you in the back 24/7. There's no doubt in my mind that Coach Brady Hoke's one successful season in 2011 (11-2 including a Sugar Bowl win over Virginia Tech) was done with a team RichRod had built. But once Hoke's coaches and recruits were in place, and his ineptitude exposed, the team went downhill fast. I second K.N.'s prediction that MEEEECHIGAN will be lucky to go .500 this season. Hoke will be gone by January, mark my words. What goes around comes around, and for long-suffering Michigan State fans who have endured the insufferable Skunk Bear fans' taunts for decades, the current ugly karma in A2 is SWEET! Long story short: "Three and Out" is a great read for fans of college football, even if you could care less about U-M and the Big Ten.

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