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September 22, 2012


K.N. McBride

Actually, conservatism has a very weak correlation to wealth. Working class whites are increasingly becoming conservative not because they are wealthy - they are actually much poorer than they were four years ago - but because they place a value on work. Liberals increasingly find themselves at odds with the notion of a work ethic, which is why they support lavish welfare benefits with no work requirements.

Bill Clinton famously stood up to this brand of liberalism, but it is now once again ascendant. Of course, we're now far less able to afford such generosity, so either a conservative government will reign in entitlements or we will simply go bankrupt.


I like how you emphasize the variety in motivations that conservatives have for giving to charity (compassion, greed), and de-emphasize the variety in motivations that liberals have for giving less to charity (greed). It might be something to mention that, as conservatives tend to be more successful economically, part of the difference would be that liberals are more often the recipients of charity than the charitable.

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