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July 17, 2011



I ran my beloved Taurus--1998 model--until the engine actually fell out on the road and we had to be towed to the nearest repair shop, where they declared it had no future. The undercarriage of the car rotted out., causing the engine to separate from the car.

The bad news--late model used cars are expensive. So I bought the first new car of my life, a Nissan Sentra. Nissan sent me a box of cookies in gratutude, and the payments are $223 a month. More than I wanted to spend, but that's life.

Roger Lawrenson

Pfah..I have a 1996 Toyota T-100 that just hit 400,500 miles and although she struggles up grades, is still getting me to and from work.. bought it in 2001 with 30,000 miles on it.. best vehicle I have ever owned.. and I am quite emotionally attached .,

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