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December 02, 2010


K.N. McBride

Recognizing the costs of various actions is one thing, but let us not mislead ourselves that we are not already at war with Iran, or that nuclear weapons will make Iran more reasonable.

The goal should be regime change, and that can be facilitated in a variety of ways, some savory, some not, but given Iran's role in terrorist/clandestine operation, sauce for the goose seems appropriate.

Whatever course is chosen, libertarian should be the last group of people who shrug off a nuclearized Iran as "no big deal." It is a very big deal, and they should be striving to find ways to avoid that outcome if they wish to be taken seriously. At the very least, they should credit people who are sincerely weighing the various military options as serious thinkers rather than reflexive Joo-influenced warmongers.

Heartless Libertarian

I'm definitely of mixed mind on Iran. On one hand, they're a known hostile state that supports terrorism in many places, with leaders who talk about bringing about Armageddon and might actually mean it. Such folks should not be allowed to have nukes.

On the other hand, pulling off even any sort of pre-emptive/punitive strike would be militarily difficult, and the consequences for the world economy would be severe, even if we succeeded. Think what would happen if the Iranians just start flinging Silkworms at every ship that enters the Straits of Hormuz.

A ground invasion is almost completely out of the question. Iran is roughly the size of the old Confederate States of America, and Tehran and their nuke sites are protected geographically by a good size mountain range on one side and a big ass desert on the other. Nevermind the fact that the Iraqis are extremely unlikely to let us use their territory as a staging base. And nobody talks seriously about going over the beach at Bandar Abbas.

I don't really see any good solution to the Iran problam, short of pointing a bunch of our own nukes at them, and making it absolutely clear to them that any attack on us, Israel, or any of our other friends and allies will be met with overwhelming nuclear violence.

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