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June 29, 2010


Chuck Pelto

TO: K.N., et al.
RE: Heh

"What is so striking about Al Gore is not the allegations, but the reaction to them. The victim was held up to ridicule, urged to keep quiet - in short treated just as predicted by stereotypes that 40 years of feminism were supposed to destroy." -- K.N.

Nothing surprising here. Typical hypocrisy. And the sooner everyone recognizes it, the sooner we'll be able to deal with it properly....that is calling it and the people who practice it out in the public venue.


[Where there is no religion, hypocrisy becomes good taste.]


Feminism died with Bill Clinton.

Didn't Carville say something like "look what comes out when you drag a dollar on a hook through the trailer park" about Troopergate?

But for the stained blue dress, Monica Lewinsky would have been the poster child for delusional overweight younger career chicks obsessed with their upstanding bosses.

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