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June 29, 2010


Chuck Pelto

TO: Jimbo
RE: The 'Liars'

Rather than lying vis-a-vis 'big business', consider who wants more 'control'.

The government WILL control the 'big business' through the passage of such acts as Cap & Trade. And YOU and I and EVERYONE ELSE will pay the price.


P.S. When did you graduate from high school?


Doesn't Oprah have a blog?

So wtf. Put her on notice.
Check her into the boards.

If Orka doesn't have pretensions of feminism to bellow about, doesn't that mean she folds up the moomoo and goes home, never to plague humanity again?

Either that or she trashes Fat Albert.

I like both options.

We aren't playing chess here. This is a hockey match, politics I mean.

If we score it's mostly by accident, but in the meanwhile you don't let the other team skate clean.

Check her into the boards.

Micha Elyi

Feminism dies?

Ha ha ha. Feminism has been a movement of the living dead since its mid-1970s 180 degree turnabout from Divorce Is Liberation to Divorce Is Feminization Of Poverty.

However many times it dissolves into dust with a scream at the touch of sunlight, feminism will return again and again until its crypts in government offices of "equal opportunity" and university grievance studies departments are destroyed for all time.


Which is the bigger business, preaching about global warming as a result of human excesses or the current manufacturing conglomerates of the world collectively producing products for human consumption? Then, who has the bigger reason to lie?

Chuck Pelto

P.P.S. Just like the so-called 'feminists' being addressed in this thread.

Chuck Pelto

P.S. If you don't quite 'get it' about being a hypocrite.... means your credibility in any serious discussion just developed a sucking chest wound from a 125mm depleted uranium SABOT round.

Chuck Pelto

TO: Seerak
RE: Hypocrisy.... hardly 'weak'. Indeed, it is the stuff that makes those who practice it abject liars.

If you doubt this either (1) re-read your own statement, as well as the others here or (2) go back to Vulcan.

Indeed, you're pointing out Kimball as a 'hypocrite' marks your own hypocrisy where you say it means nothing and then use the same tool to attack someone else.....hypocrite.


[The Truth will out....and sometimes even in one 'breath'....]

Rick Caird

apetra makes an excellent point. Linda Tripp told Lewinski to keep the dress and not to get it cleaned. I remember they were just starting to trash Lewinski with people who had "known her in high school". But as soon as the blue dress came out, all that stopped. Carville, et al, didn't want to make her any angrier than she already was.


And now that I have found that this site is stupidly set to kill HTML without warning, here's the URL missing from "Roger Kimball" above:


Of all the charges to be laid at the feet of the Left, hypocrisy is pretty weak tea. If you operate on the premise that the Left's main, original and only goal is the destruction of political liberty and its secular Enlightenment roots, everything they do is just about 100% consistent with this goal.

[Where there is no religion, hypocrisy becomes good taste.]

Funny, I didn't know that conservative Roger Kimball was an atheist.


Feminists are nothing more than the ladies auxilary for the DNC

Occam's Beard

Instead, they are yet another datapoint proving that feminism is nothing more than a [hobby for upper-middle class white women] ...make that ..."vehicle for communist agitation." Just like environmentalism, peace movements, and contemporary civil rights organizations, to name a few.

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