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May 08, 2010


Jim Ryan

I was an ethics prof. I can tell you that there is no such thing as an expert on ethics. I would sooner trust the first ten people in the phone book to make a moral decision than I would ten ethics profs.


I've been to other ethnic holiday get togeathers (German, Hungarian, et cetera) before and at the other ones no one would mind a US flag shirt... another big problem (err, red flag?) that should be talked about. I thought nationalism in general was bad / fascist... I guess unless it anti US....


I also like how they turned to word threat around on the people being threatened with potential violence (because the symbol on their shirt was a 'threat').


Just the idea of an "expert on ethics" makes me laugh.


By this token, the civil rights protesters of the 50's and 60's should have been suppressed by the authorities in light of the threats made against them by the KKK. It would have been the ethical thing to do. Sure.

But I'm sure Mr. Hanson doesn't really mean this in any absolute sense. I have a funny feeling that if the school had sent students wearing Mexican flag T-Shirts home he would have sang a far different and outraged tune.

John Gordon

So just how many of these "Mexican-American" students know what Cinco de Quatro celebrates? Mexico's victory over the Spanish?, over the U.S.?, over the Germans?, over the French?

And from what I've been reading, this big "holiday" is simply a Miller Beer day in the U.S. Mexicans in Mexico couldn't care less...



All fabulous reasons to promote homeschooling.

Dave in Dallas

If the American flag, worn by an American on the grounds of an American school in America is EVER 'threatening', then we first need to CLEAR THAT UP.

The school officers were clearly worried about a fight, but ONLY because they know that the supporters of illegal immigration would happily START one for the thinnest of reasons. That implied threat works on bureaucrats in exactly the same manner as the Islamic implied threat of violence if 'offended'.

It "SELF CENSORS" fearful liberals. In this case, they chose to censor the 'message' which MIGHT have been delivered either purposefully or by accident through these shirts, by ordering the American students to stop wearing them or go away.

Mexican rioters don't even have to throw a punch. Fearful liberals do their bidding out of fear of the THREAT of violence.... and then they blame the potential violence on the OTHER side, OUR side, Americans.

makes me queasy. And even MORE likely to show up at a rally, or vote, or recruit friends or neighbors to vote, AGAINST CREEPING LIBERAL SOCIALIST CRAP.

They can self-censor and be cowards, but it only makes our side more and more numerous and determined. Yes, it's like they used to say about the Iraq war 'creating more terrorists' only the Libs are creating more and more involved voters out of formerly ordinary American people who used to just live their lives and not worry much about government.

Self-censorship is one of the most obvious and disgusting forms of cowardice.


"Note also that this guy is supposedly an expert on ethics."

"Ehtics," as an academic term, means basically the exact opposite of what it sounds like it means.

An ethicist in a university is someone whose job is to rationalize the unethical.

Mr. Biswas

Perhaps the Hispanic kids learned a lesson or two from Muslim extremists who threaten those who oppose them. This is the calculus the school has now taught students: Mexicans and Mexican Americans = Muslim extremists. Well, they are all BROWN, and I suppose the school authorities (being the densest substance known in the entire Universe) wouldn't expect them to act any differently.

A to the F

"if kids threatened violence for any reason, they should severely punished"

That's really what you want to teach your kids? No wonder our nation is turning into a bunch of preemptive-surrender monkeys.

There are several good reasons for kids to threaten violence and just as many good ones to engage in violence -- defending a sibling, standing up to a bully, protecting the weak, among others.

wagnert in atlanta

With the Markkula precedent and a little effort, I think I could prove that the American Revolution was unethical.

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