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December 10, 2007



According to what I've read about the books (which I will not buy, but may borrow from our city library), the whole thing is a giant straw man.

Pullman offers a church and a theology that closely resembles the Catholic church and theology, but which is substantially different. God is, in this version, a being not of infinities, but of very large finities. This key difference makes either The Nothing (the opposite of God), or a lukewarm non-entropy the true god of that multiverse.

This is similar to how the subtle differences in Mormon theology upset evangelical Christians. if Jesus is a created being, and not a person of the Trinity as historically understood, it makes Mormon theology a different religion altogether, despite its socially Christian trappings.

The history of the universe is vitally important. If standard Atheism were correct, there would be no reason not to implement a full-on Nietzche-originated pragmatism that would ensure humanity's survival until the last star died. If Christianity is correct, it makes sense to spread the Gospel so nobody has to go to Hell.

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