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October 04, 2006



A clear picture for all. Agreed. A priority requisite.

Pulling together requires that North Americans have a clear concept of this quickly moving advance of the enemy.

Unlike the sixties, MSM today is a fragmented flood mix of news and fluff events gushing at us in a big jumble.

There is not enough *connecting of the dots* and people are watching Friends or Bart Simpson instead of Fifth Estate or Passionate Eye.

Without a clear picture for everyone, we have a major problem.

Al Jazeera has provided a clear and unifying picture for the antagonized Muslim world.

Muslim gangs killing Police in France in more frequent clashes.
Gendarmes request armored vehicles and battle equipment

Clashes occurring now in the Windsor area UK.

Musharraf allows Al-Qaeda and Taliban sanctuary in Pakistan; completing muti-Billion$ pipelines to China and Iran both.

China has longstanding worries about insecure sea delivery of life-blood energy. [check Al Jazeera ]

North Americans should be made aware of the quickening rate of growth of our problem.

Must we wait for a big [nuclear] bang; the interruption of all programming, and a message from the president? = TG

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