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September 14, 2006



This is in response to the post by Kharaman above.

Muslims were good to their slaves? Under every interpretation of Islamic law, even mild versions like the Maliki interpretation slave owners were entitled to force their slaves into having sex. We in the west call that rape and lock the degenerate filth who participate in it away.

Ever wonder why there aren't a whole lot of black people in Arab nations? They certainly imported many black slaves. Hell, some of those nations still had legal slavery until the 1960s. What happened to all those blacks? The males were castrated. The females weren't too desirable, so they weren't usually raped. That was reserved for lighter skinned slaves.

Since when are kings, queens and rulers castrated and raped?


FYI, janissaries weren't exclusively christians, muslims were also allowed.
The crusaders (catholics) conquered and plundered Constantinopel in the 13th century, killed off most of the inhabitants, and burnt the ayasofia and stole the gold crosses, destroyed the orthodox church.
These crosses can still be seen, they're in Rome and Venice.
The Ottomans were related by blood with the orthodox dynasty which used to be Emperor in Constantinople. They used their army to claim the throne in the 15th century, in true byzantine fashion. After the conquest, they rebuilt the place, including the orthodox church.
The mamelukes in Egypt were mostly Turkish and Persian. Slavery in a muslim context is very different than that in the west. Slaves were often the kings, queens and rulers of muslim countries. The mamelukes slaves themselves ruled Egypt for 800 years.

To the vienna comment. The Ottoman women, both orthodox and muslim were all raped and killed after the catholics won.That sobieski is blaming the victims for his own raping killing pillaging soldiers.

Baron Bodissey

You're right about the way the Turks (and the Arabs, and the Berbers, and the Persians, and the Moghuls) did business.

One of the things I left out of my post (to keep it from being too long) was what the Turks did with their Christian women captives as they were fleeing Vienna in 1683. They couldn't take them along (women only slow you down), so they "slashed them with their swords".

This was according to Sobieski's own account of the events. And, also according to him, many of the women were able to be saved by prompt medical care.

So... such were the peaceful Islamic folk of the Ottoman Empire.

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