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September 29, 2006


lugh lampfhota

Far left democrats have a policy, and it is called chaos. Like children, the left wing thrives in an environ of chaos. In a chaotic world, no one is accountable or responsible for anything. There are no adults, no rules, no right, no wrong. Just individuals, doing whatever they can in the perfect State of Nature.

I suspect that the left-wingers believe that they would be the leading elite of such a world and would be free to wield power and wealth much like Soviet elites did during their rule.

Clinton was a perfect example of this elitist worldview. Being free to use other's mouths for his pleasure while ordering bombing strikes then redefining acts and words to suit his whim. Ultimately Clinton could never be shamed in his perfect State of Nature because he was accountable to no-one, including even God.

Thomas Hobbes would not be impressed with the Left, but he would understand them perfectly.

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