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April 17, 2006


Brendan Graham

In hoc signo vinces.


Protestantism is all down the tubes yet. At least, it is not done in outside the confines of Lansing. I am from the Cincinnati area, and I can tell you the Evangelical/Charismatic branches of Protestantism are going strong. They at least have no mealy-mouthed attitude towards militant Islam! "Jesus saves", period, and that's their final word on the subject. They are also the denominations most likely to have family members in the US Armed Forces too, so that should also be taken into account.

There is also a generational gap coming up as well in some of the "loser" mainstream Protestant denominations as well. Maybe it's just my family, but they all attend thriving Protestant houses of worship. (Except for my one cousin and his wife, who are New Agists of some kind. But I digress....) We are United Methodists and Lutheran, and going strong. More young members are showing up in uniform, or have worn the uniform, although the number still follows the low demographic.

I don't mind it when the pastor prays for peace and Christian love among everyone, or gives a sermon on the topic. I expect it from the representative of Holy Church, which has spent centuries teaching the world about the Better Way. I would not appreciate a sermon or prayer critical of the President, the War against Terror, or praising of militant Islam. Still, the churches I have attended and currently attend don't have that need to be political about their message of Faith. Call it choice or call it prudence, it's fine by me either way!

I'm glad you and your family have become officially baptized and become new members of those people saved by the grace of God through the suffering, death, and resurrection of His only Son, Jesus Christ. Welcome, welcome all!

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