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January 11, 2006



"(Perhaps having more women in power will finally change that.)"

That is where you are wrong, my friend. You see, many women that support the military and the men that endure this rite of passage often come from a family with a long line of service. Most of my family lines can trace their warrior or military service for many generations. In some cases, both male and female of various generations served to some extent. With over 400 years of service, knowing what some fought and died for, I'm not going to disregard the military or those who serve.

I will disregard the pathetic, weak and neutered men that have been convinced that they are the natural state and the military is filled with stupid barbarians. That is usually the point of view preached on college campuses by the Elite Left. The point that they are some how superior for their weakness is a defense of their own inadequacies.

And in case you don't understand the nature of women, let me point it out for you. If war was left up to women, it would always be raging. Why? Women don't let things go. The more we think about it, the more it bothers us. That's why we are statastically more neurotic than men. We rheumate over issues that we should let go of. Any slight is provocation enough. Women with power can be really scary.

CS Lewis Jr.

Either you are deliberately misunderstanding what Digby wrote, or you only read the small part of the post that Taranto selectively excerpted. Digby's point was that the politicians and pundits now clamoring for war tend as a group to have excused themselves from combat. Like Bush, Cheney, Limbaugh, etc. etc. etc., they are gung-ho when it comes to talking tough (and getting other people killed) while hiding behind the troops, but would never expose their own precious skins to danger. They adopt the language and attitude of the warrior but refuse to fight, which is what makes them chickenhawks. Digby also said that:

"[T]here were many men, and many more women, who didn't buy into any of this 'manhood' stuff and felt no need to join in tribal rituals or bloody wars to prove anything. Most of those men, however, didn't aspire to political leadership. Among the revolutionaries, the warriors and the chickenhawks, there were many who did. Indeed, these manhood rituals are more often than not a requirement for leadership. (Perhaps having more women in power will finally change that.)
"The only political aspirants among those three groups who failed to meet the test of their generation were the chickenhawks. And our problem today is that they are the ones in charge of the government as we face a national security threat. These unfulfilled men still have something to prove."

I think that is fairly clear. He's not saying you have to be a warrior or a hippie to be a man. He's saying that people who adopt the pose of a warrior (and deck themselves in the symbols and trappings of a warrior, like Flight Suit Bush) without facing physical danger, and are therefore on some level aware of their own hypocrisy and cowardice, tend to have a chip on their shoulder as a result and are therefore not to be trusted to make rational foreign-policy decisions. For you to somehow twist this into "the modern left is about the abdication of all personal responsibility" -- when the failure to take personal responsibility for one's ideology through action is exactly the chickenhawk failing that Digby is describing -- is either an act of breathtaking intellectual dishonesty or a failure of basic reading comprehension. Perhaps you would like an op-ed column at the Wall Street Journal?

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