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January 05, 2006



Human nature doesn't change much. It is said that about a third of the population in 1776 were solidly with the patriots, about a third solidly Tory, and the other third indifferent or uninvested. I expect the numbers today would be about the same. The stakes may be different because the tools and resources available to the winner are different, but the basic calculus is about the same.

As to where I stand, I'm triangulating ;-). I think the far left is not impotent and bears watching, but on the whole I am optimistic.

Kevin Baker

OK, the MOONBATS are about 10% of the voting populace, but they're the ones dragging the other 40% down, and by extension, the rest of us.

They may not be running the cattle drive, but they're doing their damndest to stampede the herd.

Posse Incitatus

No they aren't, if they were, Dean would have been the Democratic nominee.

The raving moonbat fringe is just that - a fringe.

And it will continue to lose relevance.

Kevin Baker

One other point:

"They are disarmed, demoralized and childless."

They are also about 50% of the (voting) population, they control most of the media and much of education system, and they are doing a damned good job of sapping the will of much of the rest of the population from taking the threat of rising Islamofascism seriously. In short, individually they are not much to fear, but as a group, they still have major influence.

Kevin Baker

Very good piece, and food for thought.

I'm not back to blogging yet, I just threw up a couple of links, but this piece is a good addition to the discussion and will be referenced in the next essay I crank out.

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