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January 13, 2006



Sorry for the typos.


I disagree with the assertion that there is no option for land war.

Two examples can be given to illustrate this:
1) Alexander the Great marched into the Persian empire and defated it. This was when Persia(Iran), was a superpower

2)Gengis Khan moved against the Kwarazm-Shah Empire in 1218. He did this with about 80k troops, against around 300k Islamic troops. He won.

Now Iran is a second rate power. Although the media harps about troop strength we still have at least 6-8 Divisions to throw at them. A plan against Iran would have to involve better generalship than I have recently seen(like attacking uphill in Operation Anaconda).

A Battle Plan.

Currently there is a revolting population in the south of Iran. This area is called Khuzestan. It is flat. It has mountains to the north, Iraq to the West and the Persian Gulf to the south. It is here that the covert action can stir the locals up. Given enough time, they will draw in most of Iran's army and Revolutionary Guard.

With this done, the Iranian troops will be in perfect position for destruction. Feints can be launched from Iraq, Afghanistan and possibly Turkey. This will draw any strength away. An air campaign would have easy hunting in the moutain passes leading to Khuzestan and would trap whole divisions and cut off thier supplies.

Next would be a landing of marines to seize the straits of Hormuz. Following this will be and offensive from Iraq. Each will drive north, until it nears the mountains, then veer toward one another. Thus the Khuzestan reigion, with all of its Iranian troops busy suppressing the revolt, will be enveloped. The only way out will be death, surrenduer, of a swim in the Gulf. With hundreds opf thousands of its men dead, Iran would revert to using the Basij(milita). But these can be drawn off by more diversions. Supplies will be stockpiled. If a revolution doe not occur within a few weeks, then the final operation will begin

The final push will begin when the troops will move into the mountains toward Tehran.
Now the Iranians will turn south, hoping to catch these troops. But alas, another diversion. Once enough Iranian troops turn to it, a division or tow or perhaps less will explode from Azebaijan and take the short route to Tehran, taking the capital.

End of Iranian Theocracy. Have immediate elections. Do not occupy like Iraq.

Victory in a few months.

Ground war out of the question?

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