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December 20, 2005



In the past, by the time people found that things were going downhill it was already too late. Information either traveled too slowly or it could be easily hoarded by a few malcontents. In those days, of course people didn't do anything to stop tyranny. People can't act upon what they don't know. When we look back on those days, we have the 20/20 hindsight of history as an advantage. It's difficult to see the perspective of those who lived at that time.

Today, it's almost impossible to hide information. The internet allows rapid, easy, and cheap communication between one individual and millions. Twenty years ago, CBS would have gotten away clean with the whole Memogate scandal. Today, thanks to the internet, very important people lost their jobs over that scandal.

I'd like to say there is absolutely no way this academic left wing elitism could take hold of our government. What I can say is if the left wants take this country by force they'll have a hard time doing it when the public can find the truth for themselves without the help of a few elitists.

Kevin Baker

I hope you're right. I really do. However, I don't think humanity has changed all that much in the last two milennia, and I think Eric Hoffer's observations on the nature of mass movements are frighteningly accurate. What a successful mass movement does is motivate people to action. The spread of Bush Derangement Syndrome among otherwise nominally sane people is greatly disturbing to me.

Right now the only thing holding it all together, as far as I can see, is economic prosperity. If the jihadis manage to strike at something that creates a real economic depression, I fully expect the rise of that mass movement.

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