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October 13, 2005


Big Daddy "D"

My AK (owned as a civilian) has never jammed. My M-16A1 (our unit got A2's way later than anyone else it seemed) jammed up one me in the middle of a firefight and almost got me wasted. AK's do not have forward assists...

'Nuff said


just hang black furniture on the AK and the normal person might not beable to tell the difference between an ak and an ar

Mr. Invidious

The AK mainly wins on price. A decent cheap AK will run $299 (plus $30 if you want a trigger upgrade). Cheap 7.62x39 ammunition and mags as well. The cheapest ARs run about $600 if you get them in kit form.
Me...well I want an AR but can afford an AK. I guess I'll stick with a Garand for now.
For the truly frugal a $69.99 SKS can't be beat.
Now if we want to start another argument how about FAL vs. AK.

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