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August 05, 2005


Posse Incitatus

The Republicans urged American defeat? News to us.

M. Simon

I think it is more an in power vs out of power thing.

One need only look at the Republicans during WW2 to see how similar they are to the Dems of today.

Don't read a history book.

Look at the front page of the NYT vs the Chicago Tribune Nov 1941 to Jan 1946.

If you must read history try the Roberts Comission on Pearl Harbor.

The Scrutinator

Good analysis. The archetypical subject would be


Preach!, Brother, Peach!

Give me Amen!


Your post fits in nicely with what I've observed about arguments from the left. All their arguments are ad hominem. Few have any factual content. It's all about *them.* The real world doesn't exist.


There's always the Terran Federation approach from Star Ship Troopers.

Dr. Sanity

Here is the link, which didn't come thru in the comment above:

Dr. Sanity

A very nice discussion of the mechanism of projection, which is a fundamental psychological defense mechanism used by the anti-war Left. I have written extensively about this (see here for example) and agree completely.

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