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June 07, 2005



Makes no sense.

If this is really all of Kerry's record why didn't he release it last year? And before someone posts in response and tells me how it was a matter of principle, that he didn't think it was an appropriate conversation or something, let's all remember how the Dems including national party leaders were calling GWB AWOL all year last year and Kerry made his military service a centerpiece of his campaign. Clearly it wasn't some sort of high minded move, it was either incredible stupidity, arrogance or (my favorite) fear.

I'm guessing the Kerry campaign was just afraid of what might be in the record.

I can understand that in a way. I have no idea what's in my military record. I didn't have any problems with my service but I cannot remember every evaluation I received and I can't guess what might be in there that could be played in a negative way if I was running for president. And remember, Kerry served in a very controversial time and did some incredibly controversial things.

Still though, Kerry set himself up for this by blowing up everything in the campaign as about his military service. They should have been prepared and ready to toss this on the table when it first came up. It reminds me of Bush letting his DWI thing hang until the last few days of the 2000 campaign.

That is, assuming this is really ALL of the record, and I'd say there's room for serious doubt about that. Honestly though, I couldn't care much less about this. Kerry is now a footnote in history.

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