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April 06, 2005



i totally support gay marriage. not letting it violtes the 1st and 14th amendment. DUH

Andrew Upson

"Churches that refuse to provide gay marriage ceremonies will be punished.


If someone can explain to us how this can NOT happen, we’d love to hear it."

Oh come on, that's an easy one. No church can be compelled to perform a marriage ceremony for anyone, gay or strait.

When my wife and I were getting married we had to go through pre-marital counseling with our pastor. He reserved the right to deny us a church wedding if he felt we should not be getting married (and this would be for reasons a whole lot lower on the scale than homosexuality). He had previously declined to marry a (hetero) couple and they filed suit. The couple lost big time.

Since you can go to court and get married by a justice of the peace (who cannot deny a marriage so long as it does not violate any laws) there is no reason to compel churches to marry those they deem unsuitable for the institution. Nevermind that forcing a church to do something it thinks is morally wrong would violate the establishment clause since the govt would be mandating a religious matter.

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