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March 06, 2005


The Opinionator

This is a great point,

"Were the US as hyper-nationalist and oppressive as they claim, the Babers would long ago have been placed in mass graves.

They are therefore living contradictions - their very existence proves how wrong they are."

I have thought it often but you have said it much better. Reminds me of the Italian "journalist" that was wounded claiming that she was targeted by US Forces; the very fact that her gums were flapping is proof of the idiocy of her statement.

Regarding this Collin Baber fellow, it must be nice to have a pet troll!


Collin - sure the Chinese cited academic sources. Yeah right, and we are supposed to believe that when it comes to political matters, academics are credible sources.

Collin Baber

The Chinese used academic citations in their report. Of course they left themselves out, just like we do of ours.



I thought you were kidding. But no, sure enough, he has the Chinese report you mentioned posted in its entirety as a blog entry. Perhaps the most amusing thing I found by briefly scrolling through it was the section about how terrible the elections are in the US. No doubt the irony of that escapes him.

How very sad the left in the US has become.

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