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March 29, 2005



I didn't bother reading every single of the above posts due to a time restraint so I don't know if it's been said yet so I'll say it anyway: The only thing that a flamethrower will immediately do to a zombie is turn it into a flaming zombie. Now you have more to worry about. Explosives: Yes. Simple incendiary devices: Probably not the best of ideas.

Katrina Woiten

This topic is very dead so i won't say much except to choose my weapons. HK MP-5 SMG, COLT 1911a1 .45 pistol, M-4 carbine, remington 870 police shotgun, M-249 SAW with 200 round box. that about does it for guns. vehicle would be yukon denalli or Hummer 2. I'd head for the hills where I could move around at my leisure. get out of the cities folk. you'll only die there.

Johnny Napalm

You all really need to check back on your Zombie Survival Guide writen by Max Brooks. You need to have a .50 BMG rifle with as many rounds of ammo as possible, 2 or 3 Laser-Microsharpened Samurai Katanas, a large crowbar, while also being in a 2 story house upstairs with the stairs cut off completly.


Zombies my fat derrière! I'm more worried about Paul and Kucinich supporters! Nothing apparently can kill them as long as their BDS holds...

Mind you, for zombies I tend to prefer the elegant solutions used by our heroine in the RE movies; but "in real life", I live to close to a mosque and--knowing my own limitations--don't want to provide them any weapons should push come to shove.

I agree with the posters who suggested M1 Carbine or A5-15. Ammo is light, cheap, and plentiful in most parts of the civilized world (i.e., Texas)...

LCPL Chris

My Bulgarian AK-74 (5,45mm x39). Higher velocity than the older AK-47 - more accurate and more distance. A lot more reliable than an AR type. Believe me...I've been there and done that with the M16 and while it's nice and accurate, it doesn't hold up in dirt the way the Kalashnikovs do. Ammo is way cheap for the 74!

I'm ready...whenever you are...undead zombies...

Ron the Dude

For those Zombies I would like the Kel-Tac 40 Caliber Carbine with exteneded clips and a couple of 1911's for backup. The Ammo is light wieght and effective enough to blow peices off.


i hate to be so crude, but i would use my ozark trail switch blade and a good shovel, why shoot when you can cut their heads it half with a quick shovel thrust?


lol you americans have fun with your zombie killing. in an ideal world (switzerland) i would have access to assault rifles and auto shotguns.

in britain, where i live, shotguns have to have less than a 3 round capacity, and semi auto rifles must be rimfire, and thats with a difficult to obtain licese. i dont have any firearms.

bearing that in mind, my zombie adventure would be very 28 days later. as patriotic as i am, i would not use a cricket bat like in shaun of the dead (cricket is our national sport). if zombies did attack, id run for the 3 foot crowbar in my garage. it can split a zombie skull, it can open doors, and it can be used to wreck stuff for wood. I'd also grab my trusty victorinox SAK (i love the swiss, shame they dont speak english or i'd move there), a strong fixed blade knife (both knifes for utility purposes) and a thick leather jacket and biker trousers (or a trench coat for pure style). along the way i'd want to get a trench knife or thin bladed dagger, and a leatherman with pliers (i'm gonna need to buy me one now, before zombies attack) and i'd try to make some chainmail from heavy gauge fencing wire.

my method of combat would be to swing first for the jaw with the crowbar, then for the top or side of the skull. failing that, i'd let the zombie come close then offer it my leather (and possibly chainmail) protected right arm. then my dominant left hand would stab it right in the eye socket.

in an ideal world you really need something in .30 cal atleast. a m21 or m14 would be good, but the perfect gun would have to be the FN scar H (7.62 nato)

as back up i would have a sawn off double barrel shotgun straped to my leg, along with both a 229 sig pistol in .357 sig and a .357 magnum.

ammo availablity is not a problem in britian, and a wouldn't be able to get anything exept .12 gauge and maybe .22 lr.

i'd also go raid a school, collage or university science lab. i have decent chemistry knowledge and a good batch of high explosive would be extremely useful.


A good broadsword or battleaxe might be a good backup weapon in a zombie encounter. That would resolve the ammo availability problem, at least. I have a Kukri with an eighteen inch blade, but I use that mostly to clean my fingernails with!


i understand the necessity of having a caliber that can penetrate the human skull, but another important factor which does not seem to be taken as seriously as it should be (i am not trying to be negative), is the actual availability of certain calibers. If i did not have too many choices with my weaponry i would absolutely choose an mp5n over a p90 because it is going to be much easier to find 9x19s over 5.7s.

another factor is reliability. you will want a gun that you know you can rely on, not some fancy gun that you wont be able to replace parts for. for example, one person said they wanted an m1 carbine, which would be cool, however, if a part breaks for whatever reason, you would most likely not be able to replace it. that is why you want something more common like an ak47. 7.62s should be fine. another issue with using an older gun such as the m1 carbine is finding ammo for it. (i dont believe .30-06, is as common as a 7.62 or 5.56).

these are important factors when choosing your weapons when there is a zombie apocalypse.


I know that the flamethrower idea is not new, but it could be effective if zombies were funneled into a pit, then lit up. It shouldn't be too hard to do, especially if you could force a few captured zombies to do all the digging. Maybe they could also serve as lures or decoys. It would be like shooting ducks. Survivors could be flattened with a steamroller.


One more idea regarding zombie eradication, in just one word: FLAMETHROWER!

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