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February 03, 2005



How did I get linked here? Can't remember. Anyway, like your blog.

I think you've hit the nail squarely on the head. I've been watching people on the left as they descend into madness for a while now and also have been wondering about their mental state.

How else does one explain Kennedy, Moore, Carter, Rather etc etc? You can either postulate deliberate lies, distortion, self aggrandisement and/or treason, or look for a simpler explanation. To me, they appear to be going nuts. Its the only thing that fits.

Ari Tai

Imagine you've been briefed by the military that being anywhere close to a firefight in front of (but not embedded with) advancing U.S. troops will likely get you killed, especially if you happen to be near something that resembles an instrument with a sight on it (anti-tank weapon, artillery range-finder, RPG, ...). Given we've lost so many people to these look-and-fire weapons, I'm sure it's shoot first (at anything that glints or looks like a lens) and check later.

Eason clearly thinks soldiers under-fire should treat a proven deadly threat with the same respect as a truck with a big red-cross/crescent on it. Times change. He screwed up and his stupidity is responsible for these deaths (esp. if he encouraged or even just paid for non-embedded reporting). His (unvoiced) regrets likely are the reason for his lashing out at anyone else in an attempt to shift the blame, if only to help him sleep at night.

To say nothing of condemning Saddam's son-in-laws to death through his own sins-of-omission (and greed).

Eason will get his reward, if not in this life, the next. If there are surviving children or relatives of the son-in-laws they should sue him and CNN in the U.S. for whatever profits they made times three over the years these fools wittingly gave aid and comfort to the Baathists.


Is it safe?

Mrs. Davis

Eason, What's the frequency?

Galatical Observer

I think yoiu've got it -- but don't forget all of the "enablers" at CNN, and elsewhere in the MSM, who agreed with Jordan and "helped" him into the quicksand.

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