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January 14, 2005



Posse Incitatus, I have been around reading discussions on hte internet about guns for a good few years (shooting for a hell of a lot more) and I do think that when you are working wiht Tim Lambert on a discussion it would pay to pull you head in and work strictly on evidence.

Tim can use his head, unlike the usual hate group types we see on TV. Sadly for gun owners, a large part of what we read and see from our side is badly founded. Doesn't matter preaching to the choir, but it is a pain in the arse when we are trying to make a case with the powerful.

I must support Kevin here; I find Tim's dealings with John Lott persuasive, and regard John's credibility as about level with John Kerry's.

Tim Lambert

I did not set up my website and blog to destroy Lott. That's your fabrication. My website dates from 1995. In 1999 I posted a critique of Lott's "More Guns, Less Crime". In 2002 Otis Dudley Duncan contacted me because in my critique I had noted, in passing, that Lott's 98% figure was wrong. Duncan had been trying to find out the details of how Lott had arrived at that figure, and Lott was stonewalling. I kicked off a discussion on firearmsreg which resulted in Lott asking Lindgren to investigate the matter. Lindgren's report ignited a blogspace discussion. I started a page on on the matter so that I could join in the discussion. I do not appreciate the way you have misrepresented this in an attempt at character assassination.

Lott has made omissions and fabrications that any literate person can see. Including in his latest response to the NAS panel. But you continue to refuse to look at the evidence.

And no, the study did not show that gun control does not work.

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