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January 06, 2005


 Stacy Woods

Once owned a King Cobra 4 inch stainless. The double action pull was so heavy I eventually took to using both fingers on the trigger. In single action the let off was fine. I had intended to use the gun in my private security work, but dropped that idea when I discovered that after firing the first cylinder full the fired cases became increasingly difficult to eject. by the third reload it took a wooden rod and a hammer(!) to get the empties out. Good for a field or hunting companion.useless for self defense.

T Brown

I attend gun shows weekly,in the last 5 years have noticed anacondas,any python,king cobra,are becoming scarce and prices are rising.Not all guns are in perfect shape but are still comanding strong money.Pythons 3 inch barell $3500 to $4ooo incredible.6 inch ,$1200 to $1800 , 8 inch $2000 up,Hang to what you have better than gold.

T Brown

King cobras,pythons,hang on they are going through the roof some say triple in value before long.

K.N. McBride

My next purchase will probably one of those cool H&K .22 MP5 clones. The name escapes me at present, but they are way ultra cool.

Brent in NH

On your recommendations I have purchased the Taurus 85 snubbie and a Colt King Cobra. Both were excellent choices for me to make.

Thank you.

Now I have a recommendation for you: The Ruger Redhawk 4" barrel in Colt 45

david bailey

i have a KC SS 4inch i got it new. came in fitted carrying is marked enhanced.grate shape good shooter.would like to the worth. it is not for sale dave


I've got a stainless K.C. with 6" barrel that i've had for prob 15 years. Bought new and have fired prob 300 rounds through it. Really great shape. Am interested in trading for a 4" Python or K.C.

If anyone is interested, please let me know.


Brent in NH

Guess who's going to pick up his Colt King Cobra from his FFL guy in five minutes? Me!


I own both, a 6" blue Python and a 4" SS King Cobra. The KC is definitely my "go to" gun. It is amazingly accurate, and has the most natural feel of any revolver I've ever handled. The Python has a silky-smooth action, but the trigger "stacks" just a bit (gets increasingly more resistant before discharge), but is easy to get used to. The KC has a consistent pull completely through the double-action cycle. If the Python had the KC action it would be the finest revolver on the planet. If I had to choose between the two, I'd pick the King Cobra.


From the above posting... "Colt... Owned by FN Herstal of Belgium...", I respectfully submit that this is in error. Colt is not nor never has been owned by FN Herstal.

I do, however, generally agree with your assessment of the King Cobra! I've recently brought one home, a 4" stainless. The LGS also had a 6" stainless for sale. I didn't want to buy both... it was a difficult choice to make. Like picking a puppy out of a pound litter, knowing you want all of 'em.

The SA trigger pull is phenomenal... almost Python like. The DA trigger pull needs some serious work. It's heavy. You won't confuse that part with a Python.

I have a used 4" Ruger GP-100 blued with a much better DA trigger. Ditto a 4" S&W Model 66-2 that has the King Cobra beat. Same for a 4" S&W Model 15-3 recentlly adopted... another superb DA trigger.

Am I disappointed with my King Cobra? Nope! Not in the least. I've wanted one for quite awhile and couldn't be happier with this finely crafted and made Colt revolver. Needless to say, she's not for sale!

There is only one Colt... and there is only one King Cobra!!!

crom the Canuk

I traded a Marlin 30-30 for a King Cobra in '92, and sold it a couple of years later. It was the snub nosed stainless version, and the trigger was nearly perfect. The laws in Canada forbid citizens from shooting handguns anywhere other than an approved range, and the local one was set up for bulls eye shooting only. Too bad, if I had the freedom to carry the gun, or even take it to the farm, it would still be with me. The gun fit my hand perfectly, felt great, and had an enjoyable kick with hot ammo. It also was the best looking revolver I ever owned. I have a Smith model 19 snub now, but will always regret selling that Colt.

David Smith

I have a mint King Corbra that i purchased in 1990 from a co- worker who bought it for her husband.
When they had there daughter she made him sell it because she did not want it in the house with the new baby.
He fired 7 38 shells out of the gun when i bought it from him.I have never fired the gun,and it has been in my safe since then.It has a blued barrel and rubber combat grips.
I would sell the gun to the highest bidder over $425.00.
My email is and my cell is 724-370-2989.
This King Cobra is mint and 100% shape.

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