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January 06, 2005


Cosmetic Dentistry

Advance Happy father's day to me and to my dad and to all Dads in the world may he be divorced, separated not together. A father will still be a father no matter what! And I'm soon to be one of you guys I am so excited and my dad will be a grandfather soon enough!


i own a colt cobra and a sw jm625,i think both of them are excellent guns!


Well I am going to do it.... I am going to trade my 1970 6" Blue Colt Python for a New Stainless Smith... Hell has froze over! Stupid me shot some 357 180Gr carbine loads in my Python, not considering, no matter how good a gun it is, it still is a mechanical device that can be damaged. Something is causing the cylinder not to turn properly when cocking single action. Double action works fine. After spending $150 gunsmith fee on it and it is not fixed I am going to trade it. I have had it 40 years. I am going to trade it like I did my '69 Camaro
for a Ford Pinto. I have been stupid for a long time.

K.N. McBride

I would recommend using only plain old jacketed .38 special, and higher-quality brands. No reloads. Feed it the good stuff, it's earned it. Unjacketed bullets (the ones where you can see the lead) not only take more effort to clean out, but can wiggle their way loose in the cylinder while other shots are going off. My Taurus 85 manual explictly says not to use them.

While they were common when your Colt was made, modern jacketed is much nicer for your piece.

Stay away from +P or +P+ as those are higher-pressure loads and it may not be able to take them. And of course .357 Magnum (which shouldn't fit in the cylinder, but you never know) are right out.


I just recieved a Colt Police Positive special that use to belond to my grandfather. Before now I have only had a smith and wessone snub nose .38 was wondering if anyone had advise or specific ammo to use for this gun. It's been in the family for over 40 years, so I would like to keep it running tip top and not abuse it with incorrect ammo.

David Perry

I have a S&W and I think very highly of it, but I would not hesitate to purchase a Colt. This S&W just happened to be a bargain. I have shot both thru the years and think them about equal. I do have some Colt replicas that I bought from that are excellent in details. Just my 2cents worth.

Mojave Green

I own a Colt KC 4" SS 357, and a S&W 5 1/2'' 38 (I dont know the model for sure) I think a police special. The KC shoots 38 ammo like crap, but put a Mag in it and you can drive nails. I never liked shooting the Smith, it just does not feel comfortable in my hand, and the fixed site is hard to aim. The trigger pull on the Smith is longer and harder than the Colt in double action. Single action pulls are very simular. All this said, I dont think any one could say one is better than the other unless they were an expert and shot all models and paired each model to and equal one on both sides. With the guns I own I like the Colt better, but I am not compairing apples to apples either. My cousin had a Smith 41 Mag that I loved to shoot, he sold it like a dumb ass to some one other than me. I hate the fact that Colt does not make these guns anymore. It's just plain unAmerican. We Americans need and like rivalry. I prefer Fords, but I might buy an new Camaro to see how it fits.

Jim Davis

I like poodles and pink teacups! I flit around in my tutu dancing ballet while my limp wrist hangs gently at my side. Last night I sang "Bad Girls" along with Donna Summer. I carry a Remington Derringer in my garter.

Jim Davis
Reno, NV


I really get a kick out of reading these comments. Being an avid shooter, and with a revolver collection nearing 100 pieces, I will throw in my two cents for what it is worth. Both Colt and S&W make excellent weapons. I think allot of the criticisms mentioned on firearms are hearsay from your friends girlfriends brothers cousin who has a friend who's fathers sons best friends fathers uncle had a problem with the gun. Then we hear nit picking by the 20 to 30 year old enthusiasts who knows it all, this is better then this, this is better then that, people don't remember what the firearm were designed for, they were made to kill or immobilize plain and simple, then evolved into an ever popular sport. I look for a rock solid reliable revolver, not which one will look better with this finish, these grips, yada yada yada, nonsence Then you have the person that will look at revolvers costing $1,500-$2,500 which is what the Colt Pythons are currently bringing for an unfired piece, or some of the old style belt slingers costing far more then that, and of coarse the ongoing argument of cast frames and forged. Is any gun worth it, can you justify paying 2-3,000 for a revolver just because it may be hand made, I don't think so!!! I have both colt's and S&W'S, some of which have 25,000 rounds each through them, and with relatively no issues except a Python going out of time on one occasion.
Most people are not going to put 25,000 rounds through there revolvers, although some do.. As far as I am concerned, I prefer revolvers over semi's, you know with a revolver, every time you pull that trigger back, its going to go bang, and are not bullet brand sensitive. With revolvers, you’re not constantly bending over to pick up the spent brass. A good J-Frame is very concealable and downright sneaky. A good round is .357/38 special. I love the .38's, they are very inexpensive and a big hunk of metal moving at a slower rate, a very effective round for close encounters, which is what a CCW is all about. You shoot to kill or injure a person, if more then 30' away, you’re going to have some serious explaining to do!!!! I am very biased when it comes to manufacturers, I do love Colts, Smith and Wesson, even some Rugers, however I am not fond of Taurus, and foreign models. I firmly believe in supporting America, and American products, not putting our hard earned money in the pockets of people that reside over seas. I am not fond of the newer revolvers with internal locks, to me another mechanism which will eventually be prone to failure. Which is the best gun, the one that fits your hand comfortably, and the one that gets the job done reliably when you need it. Have a great day all, and God Bless America and all she stands for...

Posse Incitatus

Both have approximately the same power. The discussion was about which locking mechanism for the cylinder was stronger. Some say Smith, some say Colt, but the fact is that both weapons are well-made and have excellent reputations for reliability.


i tought that the colt python was stronger cause it bigger popularity, and answer this question please:
when shoting a 6 inch colt python and a 6 inch s&w 357 magnum wich has more power, using the same kind of bullets


why do you say the s&w is a stronger gun than the colt python

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