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December 18, 2004


Bryan Fullerton

This is some interesting reading. I never realized that the UK had such problems. Here in the US it seems to be the case that regardless of the constitution that "cant be changed" we can always add a bunch of rules that effectivly negate the constitution and what it was written for. Another interesting thought is on Non-lethal self-defense weapons. When I got into the business of selling them I never realized that some states and some countries regulate them more then they do firearms. For what purpose I have no idea. One of the states back east it is really easier to get a concealed gun permit then to carry a taser or stun gun. Perhaps cases where the homeowner shoots and kills a man breaking into his house is cheaper for the state then the one where the police are called to pick up the stunned or pepper sprayed criminal who then sues the state and the homeowner for mental anguish or some such crap. In the state it seems like these kinds of crimes are going up but regardless I would rather not kill a person for any reason short of child kidnappers and murderers(spell)


"No one requires a Stinger missile in their garage next to the hot water heater"

yea but i should would like a machine gun :)

I appericate the advice, and have taken it to heart. I am new enough to firearms that i have never actually shot a revolver before (I have rented a few guns from a rage, and have been shooting once or twice with some friends).

I want to spend some more time renting guns to see what fits and what i feel comfortable with, before i make my decsion.

thanks for the adive and the link.

"verging on paranoia."

i freely admit that i am paraniod, hence wanting the machine gun.


Self defense is an idea, not a choice of weapon. You must have the concept down first, and it need not be embroidered with vast armature. No one requires a Stinger missile in their garage next to the hot water heater.

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