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August 20, 2004



By the way, Steven Gardner served ON John Kerry's swift boat. He is a member of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Kerry can't say he wasn't there.

One more point, Gardner was serving with Kerry on
Christmas eve 1968. You know -- that date Kerry
has repeatedly lied about.

And getting back to not serving on the same boat,
check out the picture here:


Kerry did indeed admit that he threw back HIS
medals but he denies it now (sound familiar?).
ABC News found a Nov. 6, 1971 videotape of
Kerry saying he threw away his own medals.

Here's a good blogger round-up of the situation:


I too served in the Navy--from '67-69 as a psychiatrist at St. Alban's Naval hospital. I saw real heros among the wounded; none boasted of their war exploits a la John Kerry. I learned of horrible war crimes---by the VC and NVA. Kerry's slander of our quiet heros when he returned was, and remains, unforgivable. My psychological speculation (I emphasize speculation)--based on years of clinical experience--is that he is compelled to revive that 4 month Vietnam experience out of guilt and a need to be caught, exposed and punished. He has a powerful need to lose what he wants most--the Presidency.


Joseph and Alex,

Your boy decided to run on his Viet Nam record. He certainly couldn't run on his Senate record, that is for sure. Either way it does speak volumes about John Kerry's character that instead of releasing his service records like GWB has he decides to threaten and harass these vets and has EVEN gone so far as to call for their book to be BANNED. He has also had his staff go out and buy up every copy of "New Soldier" that they can get their grubby little mitts on. What is he so afraid of?????

If you support someone who calls for people to be silenced and books to be banned then shame on you. You are behaving just like the Nazis that you are so fond of accusing the Republicans of being.

As for your feigned disgust and howling about the swift boat vets getting a 100k donation from a "Texas Republican" then where is your OUTRAGE at the MILLIONS being donated and spent with the FULL approval of the DNC and Kerry campaign by organizations such as the Media Fund, ACT and Where is it, hypocrites????

As for me I am going to send the swift boat vets $200 to help them keep these ads on the air.


*The 264 served in the same unit.*

Sure, but many, like O'Neill, didn't even serve at the same time -- Kerry's deployment ended before O'Neill got to 'Nam. My Dad was a DI at Fort Ord during the second World War, and he doesn't know jack about recruits who trained there for Korea.

*It's kinda like working with a guy in your same unit at work on the same floor reporting to the same boss working for the same company doing the same job*

Except that same unit consisted of scores of small vessels spread over hundreds of miles, so it's nothing like "working on the same floor," unless that "same floor" covers thousands of square miles. It's more like a CHP officer in Ukiah saying a CHP officer he never met in Bakersfield is a sonnuvabich.

I'll give you it was dumb of Kerry's people to use the picture.


If a handful of middle-aged vets talking about what they saw and heard 35 years ago can make the whole Democratic Party become unglued what the hell would a Kerry administration do if the nuclear mullahs called them out?



The 264 served in the same unit. It's kinda like working with a guy in your same unit at work on the same floor reporting to the same boss working for the same company doing the same job BUT you don't share an office. Also, you should know that many of the SBVT's are also in the photos of "band of brothers" Kerry uses in his campaign.

If they're good enough for him to cite in his campaign photos, he can't automatically dismiss them as "not there."

Well, fairly, anyway.

James A. Wolf

There is one sailent fact you got wrong; Kerry did not throw HIS medals over the White House fence. He threw other servicemens' medals. In fact he kept his originals on display in his office (where a reporter from the Globe noticed them).

Kerry has always been on the make. The joke in Boston political circles is that he is Irish every 6 years. He goes from hawk to dove as he thinks the political winds blow.


As a Viet Nam vet, I know that from the time it looked like Kerry would get the nomination that I hoped someone would speak out and tell the truth about the fraud from Boston. SVFT stepped in and took up the mantle and are doing a fine job. I remember Kerry's lying testimony, his Winter Soldier scam, and his association with Hanoi Jane Fonda.

It is now time for Kerry to answer for his traitorous behavior. The Swifties are making sure that people who don't know Kerry will find out what kind of a "hero" he really is. And yes, Kerry did bring this down on himself. Had he decided long ago to admit his mistakes, apologize to the people he slandered, and changed his treasonous ways he probably would have been forgiven. Look at Ollie North. Instead, Kerry tried to convince everyone he is a war hero and now those who served with him and whom he slandered are having their say. The American people will have little trouble deciding who is telling the truth here, although some lefties refuse to see it.



Surely you have an intelligent response locked away somewhere inside there. You do realize those 13 guys were the guys on the same boat, and the 264 were the guys in the same country, right? Big difference.

The 13 are the guys that saw what happened, and the 264 are guys who hate Kerry for speaking out against the war. And the one guy who claims he saw what happened from another boat also claims he never saw his own citation, which supports Kerry.


Alex, dude,

Whining isn't becoming. Take it like a man.

However, I'll sign your petition to disallow all the 527's Kerry staffers are working for that Soros funded...

You do have a petition, don't you?


Alex, dude,

You weren't there, I wasn't there, but of those who were, the scorecard reads:

13 for VS. 264 with SBVT, BUT ALL 264 COULD BE LYING!

Delusion is not a happy thing. Keep telling yourself bed time stories about how 264 Swift Boat Vets are lying about Kerry while ONLY 13 of them are telling the truth, and your re-adjustment post election will be more difficult and painful than it needs to be.

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