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July 06, 2004



My lovely girlfriend Linda selected the identical Taurus after four hours at Collector's in Houston, after evaluating every other compact revolver in the house.

Make note, this was not only to be her first gun, but she'd never shot a gun before in her life.

How'd she do? July 4th was only the fifth shooting session for her. At seven yards, she was about 90% hits in the "9" ring. At fifteen on steel, falling-plates, she was running no less than 80% hits, and embarassed a couple self-professed ISPC types with fancied up .45 govts.

While I'll humbly admit to giving some good instruction, the fact is she's shooting a gun that she loves. It fits right, feels right and points right for her.

I've fired it with some ridiculous .38 P++ loads, and it's definitely much, much tamer than my ex-wife's carbon-steel, unported Mod.85.

So, I'm with you amigo. This one's on the very top of the "recommended snubbie" list, for me.

Hell, I keep threatening to try to steal Linda's, but I'm skeert she'd be faster to the draw than I am to the door. *heh*

And yes, we're going shooting THIS coming Sunday, too!

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX

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