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September 04, 2017


K.N. McBride

Uh, right, but I don't think they "treat" alcoholics by offering them an open tab at the nearest pub. Which is what the public sector unions and their Democrat allies are doing.

Rowe has been doing yeoman's work on advocating the skilled trades, but these can only flourish in an environment of strong economic growth unhindered by useless, burdensome regulation.

In fact, it is the small contractors and independent tradesmen who are most easily crushed by heavy taxes and red tape. The mega-corps can lobby or a carve-out or absorb the cost, but the little guys can't do that.

This is of course one of the many dirty secrets of the Democrats: they hate small businesses and single proprietorships. They much prefer dealing with massive cartels, who are far better at rent-seeking.


You need to read what Mike Rowe's been writing. There's jobs out there. It's not the labour unions for the big corporations that are the problem, it's that Americans have been mis-allocating their labour for decades. The Trades are lucrative and in-demand, yet so many people have been impoverishing themselves getting four-year degrees for office jobs.

Incidentally, you know what happens when an alcoholic is deprived of alcohol? They die. There's a reason shelters typically keep booze on hand in case an addict in their care goes into withdrawal.

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