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July 28, 2017


K.N. McBride

You gave the game away:

"Where trans people aren't singled out for bullying, ostracism, and constant rudeness, the transition is an incredibly positive life change."

That's an impossible precondition. People are jerks and always will be. Any therapy that relies on the world to change to conform to the patient's wishes is bullshit.

Addicts are happy when the score a hit. Drunks are thrilled when they get to kill a bottle of booze. That doesn't meant these are healthy outcomes.

By the way, stop drawing parallels to viagra for military veterans. The contrast destroys your argument.

Viagra treats a circulatory disorder that has a (generally welcome) side effect of restoring sexual function. Viagra works whether or not everyone is nice to the patient.

The circulation improves, the boner gets hard and patient rejoices in returning to normal sexual function.

Viagra therefore cures a physical malady.

People suffering from gender dysphoria have a mental illness. The solution you propose is medieval in his barbarity. You take a physically healthy person and to placate their delusions you butcher their genitals, render them sterile, and force them to become lifetime addicts to hormone supplements.

It's a strange world where people who advocate this get to call themselves "compassionate."


As a follow up, I thought I'd relate the story of a gentleman I knew a few years ago. Like many pre-op trans people working the oil patch she was miserable. Partly it was the issue of living with gender disphoria, and partly it was the bullying she received for not presenting as a feminine woman. Fast forward a couple of years, and some not entirely successful top surgery later (for which he bore the entire cost) this gentleman was still unhappy. Why was he unhappy? Because his neighbors were incredibly rude about this person living in their midst, and went out of their way to avoid him, or treated him like a woman when they were forced to interact.

Which is the problem. Where trans people aren't singled out for bullying, ostracism, and constant rudeness, the transition is an incredibly positive life change. It's also a life change that requires considerable amount of money and personal effort to achieve, and not one that's guaranteed to let a person pass as their gender and just get on with life. Plenty of trans people forgo the surgery because they can't afford it, and others decide the risks aren't worth it so long as they can present as their gender. That's their choice, and their freedom to choose what's right for themselves. Plenty of people choose to use medications with adverse side effects to deal with all sorts of problems, deciding for themselves whether it's worth it. The military is happy to pay for all sorts of elective surgeries and medications. Particularly ones like Viagra, and make no mistake that stuff does a number on your cardio-vascular system.

There's a great documentary out there about porn star Buck Angel that covers his transition, his relationship with his family, and his health issues. It's pretty eye-opening. I expect like any father you'll find the interviews with Buck's father pretty tear-jerking. I hope you would find his support for Buck, despite that, inspiring.


Okay, let's put it this way: the cure for gender disphoria is a mix of surgery, hormones, and therapy. The end result is a much happier human being. You need to go out and talk personally with some trans-folk so that you can understand who these people are, and what's going on. I'm not asking you to like them, just to understand how this actually works.

K.N. McBride

Nurg, if you have an argument to make, make it.

Stop spamming the comments with links to sites that you think make your argument for you.

Your webMD link, for example, offers no refutation (because there is no refutation) to my point that "gender reassignment" involves massive infusions of dangerous hormones whose health implications are not fully understood and the bodily mutilation and sterilization of the patient.

It's a "treatment" right out of Dr. Mengele's case book.

It is what you'd expect of a site that knows offering specific medical advice will invite a lawsuit, so it is chock full of hedging and directives to "seek professional help."

If you disagree with me, do it using your own words. Your attempts at appealing to authority gain no traction here.


Okay, so what parts of the following article referencing military officials is false?

K.N. McBride

Nurg, try not to be such a useless tool.

The article you linked to is hilariously ignorant. Did you include it for comedy relief, or to illustrate how the opposition to Trump's move has no idea how the military actually works?


I thought it was supposed to be a distraction from his failure of leadership to repeal the ACA. Also:

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